Helpful Links

Re-mineralize and repair tooth decay naturally

Recover health and immunity by addressing issue of  fungal infections Body Ecology Diet

Real food blog, covers traditional foods, food politics and real food recipes

All about BUTTER

Make probiotic-rich foods in your own home

Parents share stories about kids recovering from autism, ADD, asthma, allergies and autoimmune disorders

Colon hydrotherapy referrals, information, schools and recommended equipment manufacturers

Placenta encapsulation services and information on “beating the baby blues”

Love of cheese, bacon, butter, raw milk and those other things we’re not supposed to eat

Gluten free stories of food, recipes and love

Free-spirited, creative mama celebrates son’s autism recovery by helping others at

Macrobiotic resources for diet, online classes, research, recipes and consults

Benefits of nutrient-dense foods, education, research and articles on specific food

Campaign for real milk: unpasteurized, whole and additive-free organic dairy products from pasture-fed cows

Healing music that changes lives toward happiness

Doctor, author and one of America’s leading advocates for health, nutrition and higher standards of research

 May ALL bellies be happy

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