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Your Life Isn’t Better Than Mine ~ Spirit Writing

This spirit writing came when I was feeling sorry for the mom I thought I’d be and didn’t get to be. Sorry that I got the brunt of being a single mom, not once but twice. Why other moms got it all and I got so little. Wishing I’d had the luxury of putting my kids on the front burner. Pure self pity. Then I felt a buzzing in my head, the one that tells me to write. Here’s what came through…

We all have something to learn out of this life we’ve been given. This one fine life to live as we please, but not always how we want. There’s no discrimination over one than the other, it’s sometimes just how the dice roll.

So, get your head out of the place that’s called a gutter and put it in a better place to think. Not too high in the sky for you are human yes you are, so keep it right there on those two fine shoulders and think your way through every which way you go.

You are made of spirit, yes and no. You are mostly blood and bones and skin so move your limbs, on you go. Lift your legs up and down and through this great green blue world and you will meet yourself any which way you go. Not right. Not wrong. Just right or left. What drives you through? What’s your passion?

Shit happens in the shittiest of ways and each of us has a price to pay to be alive. It’s just  how it goes, dosey-doe. So keep swinging around round and round and stare each soul right there in the eyes. You or he is not better than me for you each pay the toll, don’t you see. Pay your fee and the better you’ll be when your head is laid down for all to see.

Some grow homeless, some without a mother, some lose children, and others their mind. No matter who you are there’a a fine price to pay, but do please do keep your ego away. Lead with your heart and all will be well. Shed light in front and to your left and to your right. help those who cannot do or be all you can for sooner maybe later you too will need a hand.

Those closest to you in your day-to-day life are those to watch closely for things needed in life. So help where you can and all will be fine. Your load won’t ease but it will make you kind.

And this my friends, my spirits you all, is the biggest gift of all. For you have heart each of you do, all roughly equal in size. Yes, yes, yes. So open wide as the heart does beat on its own, there’s no need to make a point, just do your deeds one-by-one until your life is done ?

Written through Tara on February 19, 2017

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Try spirit writing out for yourself; It’s an uplifting way to bring understanding to an issue that you would like deeper insight into. If you feel daunted, try your hand at a 10-minute writing and ease in that way. If you have a writing that you would like to share here, please send in word.docx ✨

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