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How I Do Automatic Spirit Writings

I have been ‘spirit writing’ since my 20’s. This type of writing always begins the same way…I get a quiet kind of buzz in the back of my head and hear the first sentence or two. When I feel this I stop what I am doing, put pen in hand, and write. That’s the trick. Not to turn your ego or brain on. Just write, let the words flow and come together as they do. It’s a bit like getting out of your own way.

I think that ‘spirit writing’ is a way for spirit to communicate to us through our intuition. Spirit comes in many forms…the divine, higher self, collective guides, or a deceased loved one. When I have someone who recently passed away come through, I know because my arm gets heavy and there’s a distinct tone to how they deliver words. I see this way of putting down words as a gift and keep notebooks in my car, by my bed, in the kitchen, and in my purse for these times when I get urge to write. I’ve been woken in the middle of the night with this buzzing. I’ve been driving 60 miles an hour on the highway. I’ve been in the middle of taking a shower when it arrives.

Sometimes I get the buzz when I am deeply immersed in a work project and need to ignore it for a bit. If I’m lucky the words will linger like a good friend sitting on the front steps. Other times the words disappear and I miss the chance for an eye-opening conversation. 9 out of 10 though I stop what I’m doing and write. Sometimes it’s for 5 minutes, other times for 30. There are times when I think my hand is going to fall off from writing, but I know from experience that there’s no stopping until the conversation is through, like now.

Some of my spirit writings…all part of a series called ‘Life Lessons”

Your Life Isn’t Better Than Mine

Self Love Begins on Valentines

A Boy Coming of Age

You are in Control

Guest Posts…if you’d like to submit one, please email me

Mothers Missed (being abandoned as a child)


Try a 10-Minute Writing

No One Wants To Be A Single Mom

Meet Tara, an Intuitive Channel

Try this kind of writing out for yourself; It’s an uplifting way to bring understanding to an issue that you want deeper insight into. If you feel daunted, try your hand first at a 10-minute writing and ease in that way. If you have a spirit writing to share, please send in word.docx ✨

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