Oven Kit to Make Probiotic-Rich Food ✨


This simple tool lets you select and maintain optimum temperatures for making probiotic food such as unsalted cultured vegetables, milk kefir, and young coconut pudding

Beautiful! I no longer need to keep temperatures stable with hot pads and water bottles. ~  HG, Canada


When I first started The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D), I jumped into making probiotic foods (i.e. yckcultured veggies) and quickly discovered they were easy to make but hard to keep warm during the incubation period. 

Most unsalted probiotic food on B.E.D. requires a steady 70-72 degrees F. to incubate to encourage the friendly flora to work their ‘probiotic’ magic. But, what if your home temperature goes up and down? I’ve made these foods since 2010 and when temperatures fluctuate too much, the food can spoil …. either, because it’s too warm and the good flora in there can breed too fast OR it’s too cold and the good flora in there do not breed fast enough. 

I used to culture probiotic food in our bathroom with a space heater and thermometer, though this worked it wasn’t ideal for obvious reasons. I also tried a seed mat in a cooler with the jars of food on top; this worked too, but again I was constantly checking on them and worried they were too cold or hot.

After losing several batches due to inconsistent temperatures (and feeling like our entire house was becoming one big incubator) I asked my husband, who is a civil engineer and terrific builder/creator, to create a product that’d make the experience of culturing food that much easier. This is the Incubator Kit is what he came up with. You plug a regular light bulb (source of heat) into the digital temperature control device that’s set at desired temperature and it’ll maintain a consistently warm environment. 

I no longer worry how my probiotic food is going to turn out. I put my jars in the oven with Incubator Kit and set the gauge to desired temperature. I no longer worry about my ‘babies’. I know they’ll be warm, like wrapping them in a cozy blanket. I walk away and get on with my life; I no longer check them every hour. I love helping others have this same peace of mind ⭐ 

We love your hubby’s invention! Unsalted cultured food is a huge part of being on B.E.D and making them used to drive us nuts. We’d get up in the middle of the night to check them. Thank you for giving us peace of mind and sleep. ~ MC, San Luis Obispo, CA

How it Works

This Incubator Kit transforms your oven, cooler, or cardboard box into an incubator that allows you to select and maintain the temperature you want.

  1. Place Incubator Kit in insulated space (i.e. oven, cooler, box) and plug into electrical outlet.
  2. Put jars of probiotic food into insulated space.
  3. Set gauge to desired temperature.
  4. The light bulb/heat source automatically turns on, and stays on, until desired temperature is reached. Once at desired temperature, the light bulb will automatically turn off. If temperature drops below desired temperature, the light will turn back on.


  • Select a temperature between 68°F and 108°F.
  • Displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit scale.
  • Automatic safety shut-off, if probe temperature reaches 108˚F.
  • Maximum of 1000 watts of heating devices can be plugged into thermostat.
  • Normal wattage light bulb used. 
  • No more checking your “babies” as you know they’ll be cozy and warm.
  • Perfect for making unsalted probiotic food (i.e. yckmilk kefir) on The Body Ecology Diet.
  • Puts YOU in charge of controlling temperatures.

Depending on component availability, shipping can take 1-2 weeks.

DISCLAIMER: Happy Bellies is not liable for damage or injuries related to using this device. Use at own risk.

This is a great tool. I could have used it for many purposes in the last 40 yrs. ~  JN, Underhill, VT

Super easy to use; my yogurt and kombucha comes out perfect every time! – TG Austin, TX

May all bellies be happy!

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Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 5 in
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