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How I Do 10-Minute Writings

First I choose a topic or issue that I want deeper insight into. Then I set the timer for 10 minutes, or just look at the clock to know what time it is. Then I get a pen and paper, make a cup of tea, and write. I don’t think. I just let it stream out. You may have also heard of this type of writing referred to as ‘streamlining’.

There’s nothing composed about these writings, least of all me. I don’t correct myself grammatically. I don’t proof-read. I don’t go back and change words, not even a comma. I usually cry and I always feel better afterwards. After I write, I close my journal and walk away. I am going to start putting some of them here as I think there is value in sharing what is in our heads and hearts through the written word. 

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May all bellies be happy!

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