Healing Meal Plans

Healing Meal Plans

Tara Carpenter, NC.

I offer holistic nutritional support for people of all ages healing yeast, bacterial, and viral related health conditions with The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.).

Customized Menu Plans for The Body Ecology Diet
Rough draft for a 7-day meal plan.

I weave together my knowledge of the body with that of traditional healing foods and The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) to create customize meal plans that meet individual dietary and health needs. 

Meal plans emphasize alkaline-forming, nutrient-dense foods, and ‘gluten-sugar-yeast free’ meals …. soothing soup, earthy roots, expansive leafy greens, mineral rich seaweed, seed-like grain, wild fish, pastured meat, sour fruit, healthy fat, and simple snacks will be found.

Ingredients are wholesome and follow body ecology principle of 80/20 and food combining for calm, easy-to-digest meals that promote health and wellness. See ingredient disclosureOne challenge faced by many on B.E.D. is turning nutritional recommendations into meals that can be eaten and enjoyed. I do this task for you. 

Healing Meal Plans Can:
  • Provide meals that adhere to The Body Ecology Diet.
  • Help to heal or prevent yeast, bacterial, or viral overgrowth.
  • Help you stay on track with health issues and dietary restrictions.
  • Help you more easily prepare easy-to-digest meals that are anti-inflammatory and allergen-free.
  • Give you a plan for a personal chef to follow if too ill to cook.
  • Simplify food choices and bring in diversity.
  • Allow you to move through illness in a more nourished state.
  • Nourish you during pregnancy and postpartum when infections (GBS+, candida) and nutritional needs heighten.
  • Feed even the pickiest eater with delicious, healthy food.
  • Freshen existing meals with new or improved recipes.

Our plan was an absolute I couldn’t have done without.

~ L.H.., Brisbane, Australia

Meal Sampling:
  • Fennel Crusted Chicken with Spinach Salad & Mint Vinaigrette
  • Lima Bean Succotash with Millet Croquettes & Pickled Onion
  • Coconut Rubbed Salmon with Broccoli Bisque & Arame Corn Salad

I make recipes from my meal plan like lemon pie, so simple! I’m ready to go full steam with consults and thank you Tara! I knew my life would improve when I found you.

~ B.C., Orlando, FL

How Things Work:
  1. Request 5 or 7-day meal plan (includes recipes), by sending Tara an email here. I respond within 3 business days with a food & health questionnaire to fill out and an invoice for a $50 deposit.
  2. Receive drafted form of meal plan and confirm time to talk by phone about changes you want made or questions you have.
  3. Pay remaining balance of invoice.
  4. Print out your meal plan and recipes to place in a 3-ring binder or simply leave on the device of your choice for easy access.
Fee: $175 for 5-day // $225 for 7-day


Ready for a meal plan to make life easier? Contact Tara


Note: Tara Carpenter, NC. is not a licensed medical practitioner nor does she offer a medical service. She works in partnership with you to provide a healing meal plan customized to meet individual dietary and health needs. Consult a qualified health professional before changing diet or modifying to a new way of living. Contact Tara before booking if you have an acute condition that is not well-managed or are severely restricted in the foods you can eat.

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