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Inner Ecosystem: A Living World Inside You

inner-ecosystemJust like earth, the human body has an inner ecosystem that is located inside of the digestive tract. This living world teems with a variety of micro-flora that work day and night to keep the body healthy and in homeostasis.

The inner ecosystem stretches from mouth to rectum and is approximately 30 feet long. Neatly packed in there are millions of micro-flora organisms, both good (probiotics) and bad (pathogens) that intermingle; living in a delicate balance of harmony with one another.The good flora typically keep the bad flora in check, with a 10:1 ratio of good to bad.

There are times that bad flora have an opportunity to overtake the good and establish higher rank. This situation happen for various reasons. Perhaps the host of these organisms (you, the human) is experiencing stress or eating processed sugar/refined food. Perhaps they take antibiotics or swim in chlorinated pools. Or, perhaps the host is a child who has recently received a vaccination or a female taking the “pill” or is pregnant. All of these disrupt the inner ecosystems balance.

If the bad flora have the opportunity to overtake the good flora, the host (the human) will often show signs of a  digestive imbalance such as a vaginal yeast infection, a group B strep infection, or food intolerances.

How Bad Flora Overtake Good Flora 

Bad flora love alcohol, sugar, hydrogenated oils, refined flour, drugs of any kind, adrenaline (stress), estrogen, chlorinate, corticosteroids, antibiotics, birth control pills, and anything else that creates an acidic environment for them to live in. When bad flora have these ‘foods’ at their disposal, they breed quickly and build colonies the size of New York City. If YOU let them. As the host, you can shut them down by stopping the very things that they thrive on. Turn a blind eye and they will happily thrive inside of the inner ecosystem for as long as you (the host) continue to feed them.

Bad flora produce toxins…

Too much bad flora creates a toxic situation for you and an ideal living situation for the bad flora. There is nothing better to a harmful pathogen than a toxic, acidic environment in which to live and grow their families. In doing so, they produce harmful gases and toxins that pollute and irritate the lining of the digestive system from the mouth to the anus and this can cause the digestive system to become inflamed, bloated, ‘leaky’, and kick your immune system into high gear which can put the body in a good position for an auto-immune health issue.

Signs of Imbalanced Inner Ecosystem

Cleanse & Replenish

The best way to keep bad flora in check is to keep the digestive tract (inner ecosystem) in balance. This allows the good flora to naturally have the upper hand and be in control of creating this harmony. Remember, your body is a self-healing living organism always seeking to find balance. You simply need to give your body all the right tools so that it can do this job correctly. By keeping up with your health every day, you won’t need to rush around trying to do everything at once if a viral, fungal, or bacterial infection roots in. 

The Body Ecology Diet

One of the key ways to return the inner ecosystem back to equilibrium is to restore good digestion with The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.); a complete system for that is designed to support the immune system, organs and digestive tract. This dietary protocol helps starve out the bad flora and restore a natural balance to the body’s internal chemistry and gut flora by applying 7 key principles. These principles draw on the wisdom of both ancient and modern medicine and nutrition, including Chinese medicine Ayurveda, macrobiotics, traditional fermented foods and food combining

Ways to balance your inner ecosystem…

What Pregnant Women Need to Know

8 Ways To Support The Inner Ecosystem 

Nutritional Support with Tara, NC.


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