In-Home Cooking for The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.)

In-Home Cooking for The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.)

Tara Carpenter, NC.

Holistic nutrition for people on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.).

I am a Personal Therapeutic Chef and offer an in-home medicinal cooking service for people on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.). At this time, my service is limited to Vermont residents and all meals are prepared in client’s kitchen.

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In addition to classical training, I am a certified holistic nutritionist and therapeutic chef. I work with you and your dietary/health goals to customize specific meal plans to satisfy your palate while supporting your nutritional needs. I source the freshest most nutrient dense food available.  

“You are in good hands with Tara.” ~ JS, Worcester, VT

We each come to The Body Ecology Diet at different points on our healing journey. Wherever you land I support you to feel your best and move forward. If you have received an end-of-life prognosis, I cook even more medicinally to provide you with comfort and care. I am also available for home ginger compresses and colonics.

Whole food is medicinal in nature and has the potential to bring minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids deeply into the body to heal, nourish, and regulate the human system. Most of my clients have a chronic health issue, medical diagnosis, or are in recovery with the hope to prevent relapse. Most want support in the planning and cooking of nutrient-dense, wholesome meals as they implement changes in diet and lifestyle.

“Best of all, her dishes don’t leave me feeling bloated like a lot of food.”

~ LF, Stowe, VT

A therapeutic way of eating is a modification from how one normally eats and a holistic approach that can assist the body to be a self-healing organism. Most people that I cook for rely on food, when possible, more than prescription drugs which often come with unwanted side effects. 

I have been a Personal Therapeutic Chef since 1996 and prepare food that individuals and families can enjoy, despite differences in diet and health. This is where I excel …. I listen to what you need at any given moment and cook accordingly. With the Covid virus now in the air, I arrive on your doorstep with sanitized hands and wearing a fitted mask; kitchen surfaces are properly disinfected after each cooking shift.

Meal Planning ~ Grocery Shopping ~ Cooking

I am a Personal Therapeutic Chef and:

  • Adhere to Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) health and healing template.
  • Cook therapeutically to bring balance to the body.
  • Customize cooking to match client’s individual dietary needs.
  • Source organic, pasture-raised, natural, healthy ingredients.
  • Prepare healthy, diverse meals the whole family can enjoy.
  • Provide calm and peace of mind in the kitchen.
  • Believe that the body is nourished from the inside out.
  • Move in a healing direction despite one’s circumstance.

Initial Chef Consultation: $85 + roundtrip mileage 

Before coming to cook, I will schedule a time for us to talk so I can better understand your current state of health/dietary needs. Ideally, this meeting takes place in your kitchen, so I can get to know the space I will be cooking in and meet you in-person for the first time.

“Tara is creative in her cooking and individualizes nutritional needs to the dot; without a doubt, I recommend her as you convert to a healthy lifestyle while leading a busy life.”

~ K.B., Montpelier, VT

Chef Service: $65/hr. (4-hr. min, 6-hr. max) + roundtrip travel fee (standard .66 cents/mile), cost of groceries, + long-distance fee if applicable.

To begin, contact Tara.


Disclaimer: Tara Carpenter is a Personal Therapeutic Chef and Holistic Nutritionist and practitioner of nutrition that offers individualized meal planning guidance and food preparation. I am not a licensed physician who manages, diagnoses, or treats health conditions. Nor am I a dietitian or licensed with the state of Vermont. My service is complimentary to the guidance you receive from a licensed medical care professional(s). I work in partnership with you, and sometimes your doctor, to provide healing meals customized to meet individual dietary and health needs.

Reclaim YOUR Inner Smile 


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