Service Agreement for Vermont Placenta Encapsulation

Service Agreement for Vermont Placenta Encapsulation

Tara Carpenter, CPES.

Hormonal support for new mothers in Vermont, since 2011.

Note: I am on leave of absence until July 1st 2024. You may book online if your estimated due date is after this date.

Tara Carpenter is a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (CPES) trained to prepare placenta in capsule, tea, and tincture form for the new mother’s personal postpartum use. 

As a condition of this service, you make the following assertions:

You agree that…

  • You are paying for the placenta encapsulation service only.
  • Your placenta does not contain transmittable diseases such as STD’s, Hepatitis-B, -C or HIV/AIDS.
  • There are risks involved with ingesting your placenta if you smoked cigarettes 3 months prior to and/or at any time during pregnancy.
  • You do not have active genital herpes.
  • You, and your care provider, have determined (or will determine) that your placenta is healthy and suitable for encapsulation.
  • Your placenta will be handled in a manner appropriate for safe food preparation after birth (i.e., placed in a labeled container or Ziploc freezer bag and stored in a refrigerator or cooler with fresh ice).
  • You (and others in your household) have not knowingly been exposed to coronavirus. At time of service you will notify the encapsulator, Tara, if anyone is experiencing related symptoms (i.e., cough, fever, sore throat, muscle aches, headache). 

You understand that…

  • Happy Bellies, LLC. will prepare your baby’s placenta in a capsule, broth, and tincture form for you, and your baby’s, personal use and that this service may be provided by an Independent Contractor.
  • $50 of the encapsulation fee is a non-refundable deposit that holds your place on Tara’s calendar to be on-call for you and able to encapsulate within 72 hours of your giving birth.
  • Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (PES) views each placenta as a sacred connection between mother and child and treats accordingly.
  • You will not hold PES, Happy Belies and its employees or independent contractors responsible if your placenta is accidentally damaged during the encapsulation process.
  • You must keep your placenta in your possession and will not be refunded the $50 deposit if hospital stores and loses your placenta.
  • PES does not determine whether your placenta should be consumed and makes no guarantee of your personal results from the capsules.
  • According to WHO (2020), no signs of COVID-19 have been found in cord blood, amniotic fluid or breast milk (please note: Coronavirus is inactivated when exposed to 133 degrees F for 30 minutes – NHC 2020 – and the traditional Chinese medicine method I use to prepare placenta capsules far exceeds this temperature).
  • The nutritional, holistic, and beneficial nature of the placenta capsules has not been evaluated or tested.
  • The capsules should not be taken during times of illness, including times of infection (i.e., bacterial cold, flu, or mastitis) and taking capsules can worsen these conditions or take longer to recover from.
  • Your encapsulation cannot be completed until Happy Bellies has received notice that you have read this Agreement and received remaining payment in full. You will check off a box saying you have done so when you fill out the online booking form.

You release Tara Carpenter and Happy Bellies, representatives, employees, independent contractors as well as Placenta Benefits, Ltd. from any and all liability for any affects you may experience after choosing to take your placenta capsules, tea, and tincture.

Note: I am on leave of absence until July 15th 2024. You may book online if your estimated due date is after this date.

Your work is poetry in motion; with seamless movements that are flowing and mindful of this intimate time in our lives. ~ R.G. Weathersfield, VT

Disclaimer: Benefits of placenta encapsulation are supported by ongoing research. However, statements on this website aren't evaluated by the FDA and products from these services aren't intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please make any decision in regards to consuming your placenta with a licensed care provider. A Placenta Encapsulationist isn't a doctor, holistic practitioner,  pharmaceutical representative, or herbalist. Women utilizing this service take full responsibility for using their placenta capsules at own risk.
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