“Plans & Prices” for Therapeutic Nutritional Consultations

“Plans & Prices” for Therapeutic Nutritional Consultations

Tara Carpenter, NC

Nutritional support worldwide for people of all ages healing digestive-related issues; especially yeast overgrowth with Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.).

I am a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Therapeutic Chef offering nutritional support for people of all ages healing digestive-related issues; especially yeast overgrowth with Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.). To schedule a consultation or complimentary get-to-know-each-other phone call, please email tara@happybellies.net. May all bellies be happy 💜

Individual Nutritional Consultations

All consultations are held remotely by phone for U.S. residents or WhatsApp for international residents. Prior to your scheduled consultation, I will send a “food and health questionnaire” to fill out so I can understand your specific dietary/health needs.

Initial Consultation (2 hrs. with 10-minute break for $225): in-depth review of dietary/health needs and concerns. You receive helpful handouts and summary of recommendations made during our time together.

Follow-Ups (1 hr. for $75, 1/2 hr. for $40): for those who had an initial consultation with me and have further questions and concerns.

Start-Up 6-Week Plan ($575): 2-hr. Initial Consult + 5 Weekly 1-hr. Follow-Ups for a supportive way to ease into therapeutic eating with confidence. You receive helpful handouts and summary of weekly recommendations.

Step-by-Step 12-Week Plan ($1,025): 2-hr. Initial Consult + 11 Weekly 1-hr. Follow-Ups is an affordable option and ideal for people who take time to process new information — or parents with children seeking nutritional support. We move at a comfortable pace over 3-months, which is amount of time most stay with a therapeutic way of eating. You receive helpful handouts and summary of weekly recommendations.

Group Circle “Bullseye B.E.D. Support”

An online support group for people on Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.).

I bring a topic of interest (i.e., colon cleansing, food combining, picky eaters) then open space for questions and sharing. Hit that bullseye every day, every meal and come be supported by like-minded others 🙂

We will meet online weekly at a chosen time/day that works for all. These are informal meetings, please feel comfortable to bring a bowl of food to eat while we talk and have your children and family life close. If your end becomes too loud, then you can always press mute.

Fee: $20 per drop-in or $60 per month, payable via Venmo or PayPal.

Email me at tara@happybellies.net to sign up; once I have 4+ people interested I will begin a new circle and send you a welcome email with further details.

May all bellies be happy!

Disclaimer: I, Tara Carpenter, am not a licensed physician who treats, manages, diagnoses, or prevents medical, psychological, or nutritional conditions or diseases. I offer a service that is primarily educational in nature and does not constitute medical advice. I do not make promises or representations, expressed or implied, to any results you obtain by adhering to recommendations or accepting my service. Consult a doctor or licensed health care provider before changing diet, lifestyle, health, or prescription drug use. The services I offer are informational and subject to your own interpretation. By utilizing this site, or any service offered by Happy Bellies, LLC., you have read this disclaimer and assume responsibility for use, or misuse, of this information. You agree to contact your licensed health care provider should a problem arise during our time together, or thereafter.
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