Nutritional Consultant

Tara Carpenter, NC.

Nutritional consultant for people on Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.).

Born in 1974, I had a natural upbringing and a mother who made ALL our meals from scratch. Us kids attended The Montessori Farm School in Washington D.C. with gardens and a big kitchen where we made lunch. When I started public school in 5th grade, I was certainly the only one with lentil soup and cornbread!

We kept chickens, gardened, and drove hours to Walnut Acres to source organic food which we then dispersed throughout the community. Here I am with my back to the camera sitting down for a family meal ….

My mother (below) was a teacher and home-schooled my younger siblings. We often went on field trips to Plymouth Plantation close to our home where the Mayflower II docked and we re-enacted cooking with pilgrims in stone fire-pits dug into earth walls of dirt-floor kitchens. Summers were spent with an Amish family in Pennsylvania where the slow practicality of living close to the land became a dream of mine to one day have.

As a young girl, some friends and I opened a natural restaurant we called Fat Mamas; neighbors dined at my family’s dining room table and we provided a handwritten seasonal menu. At age 14, I bound a cookbook for parents of children with allergies. At 16, I ate pizza and drank beer well into my 3rd year of college where I studied abroad in Tasmania.

One night a friend had me for supper. The moment I walked in her home the smell of bread baking, herbs drying from rafters, and soup simmering on the stove brought me instantly back to my natural roots. That was all I took to get back to eating well. Soon after, we canoed up the Murray River to practice Vipassana meditation where we sat in complete stillness and I learned to appreciate the exquisiteness of each moment, especially birds!

Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. ~ Mary Oliver

My senior year of college, I worked at the first Whole Foods in Boston, did wheatgrass shots, and colon cleansed in tiny dorm bathrooms with like-minded others. I felt unsatisfied with classes I was taking (to become a teacher) and yearned to learn traditional healing principles of yin and yang.

On the day of college graduation, I packed my belongings in an Econoline van and with a friend traveled cross-country to California to apprentice with master cook, Cornelia Aihara where I chanted, walked barefoot in morning dew, administered ginger compresses to people with cancer, and cooked in a large working kitchen above a root cellar filled with wooden vats of soy sauce, umeboshi vinegar, and miso paste that we cared for.

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My early twenties were spent as a natural foods baker at Esalen Institute in Big Sur where I had the role of baking sourdough bread, making yogurt, and sugar-free desserts for a community of 250 residents and visitors. Here perched on the cliffs of the wild and rocky Pacific Ocean, I trained as a masseuse, become a Hatha yoga practitioner, danced The 5Rhythms with Gabrielle Roth, and had the honor of cooking at Tassajara Zen Monastery.

I dreamt my whole life of being a mother. Unfortunately once pregnant at age 28, I learned I was part of 1% of women with a rare prenatal condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. For the duration of each pregnancy (12 weeks with my 1st baby, 17 with my 2nd whom I miscarried, and 40 with my 3rd = 69 weeks TOTAL) I was unable to lift my head, drive, watch t.v., read, or drink more than a teaspoon without extreme nausea and vomiting. What I did not know is these periods in my life would lodge deep inside of me a resilience to endure hardship when the tunnel is long and dark.

When my first child started eating solids he suffered 24/7 diarrhea, weight loss, and dehydration. When nearing his 2-year birthday, he regressed to a 2 month old state, entered a coma, and was admitted to Intensive Care for tests. Mind you, this was 2002 and Celiac Disease was not understood the way it is now. One harrowing week later, the doctors said my son had “borderline Celiac and to remove most gluten from his diet”. Thank God I had the training I did in nutritional healing. I fell back on this knowledge and removed ALL gluten plus top allergens (soy, nuts, dairy, etc.). Within days, he bloomed before my eyes, His quick and lasting transformation showed me firsthand how food can harm and heal.

Since 1996, I have been a Personal Therapeutic Chef; traversing the hills of Hollywood to the valley of Vermont where I live now. Though I no longer offer this service due to a condition that developed in my hands from such repetitive movements as chopping, cooking, and cleaning I took this as an opportunity to sit at my desk and begin to offer “healing meal plans” for people looking for help with what can be a tricky time in filling the fridge (+ belly!) with foods that meet individual dietary/health needs.

In 2014, I earned my masters in Holistic Nutrition to offer step-by-step guidance for people healing on Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.). I specialize in localized and systemic yeast/fungal infections. I chose this particular path and way of eating because in 2006 I became very sick after nearly dying from a sepsis infection that took my baby girl and overtime turned into a systemic yeast infection that riddled near each part of my body.

I became sicker by the day until a friend one day asked if I was pregnant (which I was not, only severely bloated). She happened to have Donna Gates’ B.E.D. book and lent that to me. From that day forward, I hit the ground running with a solid plan in place to feel better. I stayed on stage 1 for 3 consecutive years because that is how long my body took to get back up to speed and have my digestive system running like a well-oiled engine.

In the throes of healing, I promised to help others on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) if I ever got better …. which I did! Now, I conduct worldwide remote individual consultations as a Nutrition Consultant (NC.) for people practicing B.E.D. to heal a mild to severe health issue. To schedule a consult or complimentary call, please email me at

Reclaim Your Inner Smile.
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