Tara Carpenter, NC. CPES.

Tara Carpenter, CPES., NC.

Born in Tennessee, my father moved our family of 7 to Washington D.C. before moving us once more to a seaside town south of Boston where my mother owned and operated Harborside Montessori and my father was an Architectual Database Engineer.

My childhood was immersed in education and technology; children and computers were e-v-e-r-w-h-e-r-e. My interest lay with pregnant moms and setting the table with a homemade meal; I also liked to write.

In 2011, I founded Happy Bellies, LLC. where I offer two services that are nutritional in nature and take in my love for nutrition and new mothers …. as a Certified Encapsulationist in Vermont and as a Holistic Nutritionist for colon health, bacterial/yeast overgrowth, and The Body Ecology Diet.

Outside of work, I am happiest in the woods with my family and dog.

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