Holistic Nutritional Consultations

Holistic Nutritionist

Tara Carpenter, NC.

Specialized in supporting those with digestive disorders, yeast overgrowth, and on The Body Ecology Diet.

Tara Carpenter, NC.

My interest in nutrition is lifelong; I became a Holistic Nutritionist because I resonate with the word “holistic”, which the dictionary defines as believing that parts of something are interconnected and only explained by referencing the whole.

Nutritional Experience

Dietary Experience


  • 2014-2020, Administrator B.E.D. Support, B.E.D. KidsB.E.D. Recipes
  • 2011-2014, Holistic Nutritionist, Bauman College, Berkeley, CA
  • 2011, Personal Chef, Culinary Business Academy, Atlanta, GA
  • 2009-2011, Macrobiotic Counselor & Healing Chef Training, MacroAmerica, Chico, CA
  • 1999-2001, Baker & Certified in Massage, Esalen, Big Sur, CA 
  • 1998-1999, Apprenticeship with Cornelia Aihara and Shizuko, Vega Institute, Yamamoto, Oroville, CA
  • 1997, Study Abroad Exchange, University of Tasmania, Australia
  • 1996-Now, Personal Therapeutic Chef in California & Vermont
  • 1998, Bachelor of Science, Human Development, Wheelock College, Boston

Fee: $85/hr. (I am now booking for January 2023, please email tara@happybellies.net to schedule)

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