Testimonials for Holistic Nutritionist, Tara Carpenter

I specialize in supporting individuals with digestive disorders, yeast overgrowth, and The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.).

Tara Carpenter, NC.

Here are testimonials for my nutritional work that I have gratefully received over the years ….

If you need nutritional support then I highly recommend a consult with Tara; I feel 100% refreshed and focused again ~ S.P., Laguna Beach, CA (Tiny Laguna Kitchen)

Tara’s consults are informative, like chatting over a cup of tea, her words heartwarming. I feel safe and trust her, important when making life changes ~ K.L., Tasmania

I am honored to write a testimonial for Tara who changes lives for the better. Her manner is supportive and gentle in meeting people where they are; allowing and supporting them to proceed at their own schedule which takes ALL the pressure off and encourages one to slowly at one’s own pace, incorporate health-promoting habits ~ B.C., Orlando, FL

I met Tara at Esalen in 1999. Seeing her way of eating and living was a huge impact and inspiration; in many ways marking the beginning of what I’ve done with my life ~ J.T., Providence, RI (Cooking with Italian Grandmothers)

I’m grateful for Tara’s teachings and guidance. I admire and respect her commitment to help others make changes to allow for a better, happier life ~ S.M., Bogotá, Colombia

I marvel at the emotional and spiritual healing I’m moving through to heal my gut. I struggled with issues for YEARS and in a few weeks with Tara, I feel lighter and more present than ever ~ B.U., Bethel, VT (Be Seen)

Customized Meal Plans

I recommend Tara’s meal plans, especially if daunted about going gluten/dairy free, her ideas are doable ~ R.E., Montpelier, VT.

Our plan was an absolute I couldn’t have done without ~ L.H., Brisbane, Australia

I made sorghum pops with ghee. Oh goodness, yummy!! I’ll never eat popcorn again (allergic, so shouldn’t!). I’m making recipes from my meal plan like lemon pie, simple! I’m in her care and ready to go full steam with consults. I can’t thank you enough. I knew life would improve since I found you ~ B.C., Orlando, FL

What a delightful array of healing food. I enjoy the variety of ingredients; crispy croquettes with bright carrot sauce and a smooth finish ~ L.F., Stowe, VT

B.E.D. Support

I discovered The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) in a body that didn’t feel good. I spent years struggling with my health and versions of disordered eating. I was 100lbs overweight, exhausted, with sore joints, and a hopelessly weak constitution. I feared this would last my whole life, read more ~ H.L., NY

I know it’s overwhelming to start B.E.D. You are in good hands with Tara, she helped my family navigate this path ~ J.S., Worcester, VT

Tara’s amazing! When you don’t feel good or feel foggy it helps to have someone shine abright light to get where we need to go. I tried 4 autism diets for my son and B.E.D. helped us thrive ~ K.M., Oregon (Method of Hope)

When I read B.E.D., I didn’t know where to begin, felt complicated with many pieces and principles to put together, esp. food combining! Tara broke everything into doable ways; after 3 sessions I was sure on my feet. At our 2-month check in, I was on the diet AND traveling for business ~ S.K., Chapel Hill, NC

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