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EcoBloom – A Prebiotic That Feeds The Probiotics


I discovered EcoBloom when I started on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) to heal my systemic yeast overgrowth. This prebiotic fiber is the perfect food for good flora (probiotics) that live inside our digestive system; known as the gut. The good gut flora use EcoBloom as a primary source of food. This is a good thing, because the better fed they are, the better health we have. When a person is low in the good gut flora department, they are typically at higher risk to develop an overgrowth in the bad flora department such as developing GBS+ or Candidiasis.

EcoBloom is a powder made of 100% chicory extract and medium/long chain FOS (fructooligosaccharides). It does not feed bad flora (i.e. yeast, bacteria, viruses) that live in the gut, but does feed the good flora.

If you have a health issue going on where the bad flora are acting up and causing health problems then you are in a perfect position to bring in a concentrated food source that is perfect for the good flora. They will eat this food right up and grow bigger in #’s so that they can return to their police role and keep the bad flora in check and lesser numbers than they themselves. This is why feeding the ‘good’ more than the ‘bad’ is a great thing 🙂 

Ingredients: 100% chicory extract powder (called Frutafit Inulin or FOS)


  • Feeds the good flora living inside the gut.
  • Suppresses pathogenic growth (i.e. Candida, group B strep).
  • Reduces toxins in the liver and colon.
  • Helps to heal leaky gut.
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Reduces the colon’s pH.
  • Enhances the absorption of minerals, esp. calcium.
  • Perfect for anyone healing themselves with B.E.D. or GAPS.

Here is an online quiz that you can take to see if you have yeast overgrowth.

EcoBloom can be added in small amounts to baked goods, salad dressing, Ujido Matcha, or green smoothies or right into unsalted probiotic food (i.e. cultured veggiesyck) to help these already powerful foods become more potent.

You can purchase EcoBloom HERE

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