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In My Kitchen: Easter Colors, Naturally

In My Kitchen: Easter Colors, Naturally

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As a mother, I wear the Holistic Nutrition hat because that is what I write and talk about all day long in my profession. I am passionate about keeping what goes in and on the body as natural as possible to not interfere with the normal processes of our innate biological system regulating itself as the self-healing organism we are. 

Artificial food dye like orange #1 and red #2 are man-made colors banned in parts of the world because they are toxic and potentially carcinogenic. 

So, what does a holistic-minded mom do when her kids want to dye Easter eggs and frost cookies?! Over the years, I found even on celebratory days we can avoid artificial food dye for a healthier outcome for all by thinking ahead and taking more time on the day ahead. 

From our very first Easter as a family, I took time to weave natural food dye alternatives like using purple cabbage juice to color eggs and dried beet root powder to color frosting used on cookies and cakes.

I grew up dyeing eggs with PAAS Kits. The smell of vinegar and watching color pellets fizz alive were magical! I loved finding bright, bold eggs hiding in the grass or tucked in tree holes on Easter morning and wanted my kids to have these memories too.

Yet, how those bright eggs from my childhood got their color is something I can’t ignore. As a kid I didn’t know to care about the fake colors staining my skin for days after or the way the color steeped into the egg I peeled and then ate. As a mom myself and nutritionist, I care a lot. 

Nowadays, I can successfully say that as a mother I have dyed Easter eggs (and frosted cookies) naturally with homemade food dye for the past 22 years. Whilst yes this route is slower compared to the quick fizzy tablets – nor are they as colorful – yet in all they are earthy and beautiful in their own way! I like to use this recipe to dye naturally and this.

I feel good when my kids eat eggs and cookies colored naturally from onion skins/paprika for orange dye or coffee/dill seeds for brown dye or spinach for green. My boys love to draw pictures on the eggs with a grey crayon before dipping them into a natural food dye. Maybe when they have kids of their own they will create a new color to use 🙂

A ritual you can feel good about passing down to your family. 

If you are looking for quick, easier option then you can make naturally-dyed eggs without boiling fruits and veggies with this kit. The dyes are made from fruits, herbs and veggies; all you need is hot water.

Celebrating Easter on The Body Ecology Diet

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Tara Carpenter, NC.

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