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Gelatin gets a bad rap. Yet, the benefits of traditionally made gelatin are HUGE. Many of us simply have no idea. Suffer from leaky gut, allergies, tooth/bone decay or joint pain? Check out the many gifts of this healing food.

What is Gelatin?

Gelatin is a translucent, odorless and nearly tasteless mixture of proteins derived from the collagen found in animal skin and bones. It is extracted by simmering the bones and skin in water for long periods of time.

When cooled, the resulting broth forms a gel that can be used to prepare various foods (i.e. jello, stew, gravy, pate). Traditionally known as bone stock, gelatin contains long-chained protein molecules and is highly regarded as the original, healthy protein isolate.

Used for centuries as a folk remedy with remarkable healing properties.

This mineral-rich food promotes strength, cleans the blood and nourishes the body in times of sickness and rehabilitation. Gelatin is particularly strengthening for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and ideal for anyone suffering with IBS, autism, Candida, leaky gut syndrome, Crohn’s, etc.

This strong health builder goes straight to the gut to ‘seal & heal’ damage, by providing building blocks for rapid growing cells and mucous membranes of the intestines.


  • Heal and rebuild gut lining
  • Soothe inflammation (Nature’s #1 anti-inflammatory)
  • Support mucous membranes of the intestines
  • Prevent and reverse tooth decay, bone, connective tissue disorders
  • Cleanse blood
  • Enhance nutrient absorption
  • Excellent source of collagen, essential minerals and amino acids

Furthermore, gelatin is exceptionally easy-to-digest and helps you digest other food as well. Gelatin contains hydrophilic colloids (large molecules) that naturally seek fluid in the body. These special molecules attract digestive liquids to the surface of ingested food particles, allowing them to be broken down more easily.

Let’s revitalize the art of preparing gelatin on a regular basis.

Gelatin-rich Poultry Stock recipe

Article about New York chef serving gelatin-rich bone stock at coffee shops

Note: Commercial, animal-based gelatin is derived from the hides and skin of animals, typically pigs. This type of gelatin contains protein, yet it can not be considered a healing food. The best way to attain therapeutic benefits of gelatin is to prepare homemade bone stock made with cartilage and bones from organic, pasture-raised animals.

May ALL bellies be happy

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