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Short-Term Pickle Recipe

Short-Term Pickle Recipe (vinegar-free, raw food)

Tara Carpenter, NC.

Originally published July 9, 2018

A lovely classic pickle you can feel good about ….

In Vermont, pickling cucumbers grow on the vine from July to mid-September; this rush of cucumbers is what inspired me to once and for all find a traditional pickle recipe that did not use vinegar or high heat to preserve one of Nature’s bounty.

I searched for this kind of recipe for many years until one hot summer day when my sister-in-law casually handed me a faded-as-your-favorite-blue-jeans pickle freshly pulled from her ceramic crock. With one bite, I felt memories unleash inside me from years past when my grandmother in Nova Scotia made such pickles with a crisp, clean classic deli taste.

Furthermore, I was pleased to learn these pickles are kept in a raw, live state without using vinegar or high heat to preserve. Winner all around!!

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