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How My Family Uses Meat Stock

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMeat stock goes back centuries as food with medicinal properties. Whether it’s made with chicken, lamb, beef, or fish – It’s all good stuff. It’s the first thing that we think to eat when we get sick. It’s nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and healing for the digestive system and keeps our bellies happy ?

Difference between ‘meat stock’ and ‘bone stock’

One question that I often get is “what’s the difference between meat stock and bone stock“? The short answer is that meat stock is made with meat-on-the-bone and cooked a short amount of time. Bone stock is made with just the bones and cooked for a long time. Both are delicious and easy to make.

How we like it…

I make meat stock every week and use it in some way every day. When people come over to eat they’re surprised to see a steaming mug of meat stock at their place setting! But it’s normal for us to drink stock in this way, even at breakfast. 

My husband slurps his down with a couple of eggs swirled in at the very end. I like mine in a cup with a pinch of salt and my youngest likes his pureed with vegetables and meat. My oldest, now a teenager, likes his with konjacu noodles and a crushed clove of garlic.

We use it as base for soups and stews – it works magic in broccoli-fennel soup or creamy carrot soup – to lift the boring bits and add a touch of savory and satisfaction. I also notice that when I cook grains in meat stock we feel fuller after eating. 

I keep a bunch of quart-sized bags of stock in my freezer that way if I don’t have time to make it fresh, I have back-up. If one of us has a sore throat coming on or nasal congestion we drink 2-3 cups of meat stock a day. We keep it interesting by chopping fresh greens or chopped meat and minced ginger into the stock.

Tooth decay

I got into stock after reading Cure Tooth Decay by the author, Ramiel Nagel. I was having major teeth issues at the time and was desperate to help myself. The main thing this book suggested was drinking meat stock. So I did, plus lots of other things…like fermented cod liver oil and healthy fats. This author claims that stock made with carcasses, head, and organs of wild fish is the best. So, I make salmon head fish stock when I want to change things up ?

Blood sugar issues

My husband has a habit of diving into projects and going hours without eating and so when he walks in the door he’s often starving with low blood sugar. He’ll make a quick mug of hot stock and he’s good to go while the rest of his food is cooking. 


Traditional Chicken Stock

Salmon Head Fish Stock

Unsalted Cultured Vegetables

May all bellies be happy!

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