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One Woman’s Testimonial: B.E.D. Support with Tara

Testimonials for Holistic Nutritional Support 

Tara Carpenter, NC.

Holistic nutritional service for people of all ages using The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) to heal yeast, bacterial, & viral infections.

Every now and then I receive a testimonial worth sharing with the world! The lady behind the words found below are from a lovely, vivacious woman who took hold of the reins of her life to experience a bounty of depth and wellness. I am touched by her kindness. 

Hannah’s words:

I discovered The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) at a time in life when I was stuck in an unhealthy relationship that didn’t feel good and I was stuck in a body that didn’t feel good. I had spent years struggling with my health and various versions of disordered eating.

I was 100 pounds overweight, my joints hurt, I was sick all the time, and I had allergic reactions to everything. I was chronically exhausted and had a hopelessly weak constitution, something I feared would last the rest of my life. I was only 23 years old. 

Though I was not ready to look at my relationship, I was desperate to address my physical pain. Tara was a blessing in this time and supported me in understanding the intricacies of the nutritional theory and supported me in the practical application of adopting the plan (meal planning, snacks, and options for managing emotional eating compulsions.) 

Tara helped break The Body Ecology Diet protocol down into steps, so it wasn’t an oppressive amount of restriction overnight. Over the course of a year and a half on the program, all of my health ails reversed.

I lost those hundred extra pounds, fell in love with unsalted sauerkraut, and developed an appetite for real nutrition in food (not just empty carbs.) I learned how to feed myself. This is what allowed me to leave a relationship that wasn’t working and change my whole life several times over, each time leaning into my resilient body and mind.

Though I don’t currently follow any particular form of B.E.D. eating. I’m convinced the year and a half I spent pursuing B.E.D. with Tara’s support changed my constitution deeply and established a foundation of health that has carried me forward in life with a totally different story.

Now, my body is strong and vital. I have plenty of energy and can regenerate and heal easily. Tara helped build a bridge back to my body and that’s where everything begins.

~ Hannah, NY, NY. (yoga therapist, postural educator, professional cuddler 🙂


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May all bellies be happy!

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