Disclaimer for Nutritional Support with Tara

I, Tara Carpenter, am a Holistic Nutrition Consultant (NC) certified with Bauman College and a Personal Therapeutic Chef trained with Culinary Business Academy. I am not a licensed physician who treats, manages, diagnoses, or prevents medical, or psychological conditions or diseases.

My service is educational in nature and not licensed by the State of Vermont. I do not offer medical advice nor make promises, implied or expressed, to a result you might obtain by adhering to my opinions.

The nutritional support I provide is for informational purpose only. All content found here is in the form of opinions, ideas, recipes, and advice provided for information only, primarily educational in nature, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your licensed health care provider. I, Tara Carpenter, am not liable for loss or damage caused by your belief in information you acquire. 

You understand it is your responsibility to maintain a relationship with a licensed health care provider and consult him/her before implementing diet or lifestyle changes that may affect your health and continue medical treatments, therapies, and health practices unless provider says different. You are encouraged to follow up with provider for areas of concern.

Booking a nutritional consultation or menu plan service with Tara means that you agree to have read and understood this disclaimer. You agree to the nature of services offered and release and discharge Tara Carpenter and Happy Bellies, LLC. from claims and demands of every nature which you have now, or in future, as a result of accepting and following the suggestions, opinions and service offered. 

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