Rooster Stock Recipe

Rooster Stock Recipe Tara Carpenter, NC. Holistic nutrition for digestion; specialized in yeast overgrowth.  Originally published September 19, 2019. Rooster stock, like any meat stock, is mineral-rich to strengthen immunity and support digestion. Stock also contains collagen to strengthen and keep tendons, joints, ligaments, bone, hair, and skin supple. The collagen in stock can heal […]

Placenta Encapsulation Pre & Postnatal Period

Channel 3 MiVT Article: Placenta Encapsulation in VT & NH

Channel 3 MiVT Article: Placenta Encapsulation in VT & NH Tara Carpenter, CPES. Postpartum support for new mothers in Vermont, since 2011. Originally published in 2013. By Gina Bullard STOWE, VT.  At first glance it’s hard to tell if Tara Carpenter is a chef or a medical examiner. She’s actually a certified placenta encapsulation specialist. […]

Birth Pregnancy

Seeding a “C-Section Born” Baby

This photo was taken after a client of mine gave birth via c-section. Before surgery, this mom requested that her doctor insert a piece of gauze into her vagina. This same gauze was used seconds after she gave

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