Placenta Encapsulation

The Gift of Placenta Encapsulation

The day my youngest turned 5, I encapsulated his placenta. Yes, it was ‘old’ with likely next to nil hormones, but I didn’t feel I had anything to lose. A colleague of mine had recently encapsulated her daughter’s two-year old frozen placenta

Placenta Encapsulation Pre & Postnatal Period

Placenta Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service

Placenta Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service Tara Carpenter, CPES. Bringing hormonal support to new mothers in Vermont, since 2011. As a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (CPES.) I urge all expectant mothers interested in having their placenta turned into a palatable form for consumption to read what is written below before allowing someone to pick up and […]

Birth Placenta Encapsulation

Benefits of A Short-Term Lotus Birth

A short-term lotus birth is when new parents decide ahead of time that they want to leave the umbilical cord attached to their baby and the placenta for a period of time after birth to allow the baby to receive plenty of benefits (see below) from remaining attached in this way. Don’t mistaken a short […]

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