Placenta Encapsulation Pre & Postnatal Period

EAT MY WHAT?! : The Bridge Newspaper Article

Eat My What?! The Bridge Newspaper Writes About My Placenta Encapsulation Service Tara Carpenter, CPES. Postpartum support for new mothers in Vermont, since 2011. Written by The Bridge on February 7, 2013, News & Features on Tara Carpenter, Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (CPES). Tara Carpenter is a Placenta Encapsulationist trained with Placenta Benefits info, a […]

Birth Placenta Encapsulation

Benefits of A Short-Term Lotus Birth

A short-term lotus birth is when new parents decide ahead of time that they want to leave the umbilical cord attached to their baby and the placenta for a period of time after birth to allow the baby to receive plenty of benefits (see below) from remaining attached in this way. Don’t mistaken a short […]

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