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Oven Kit for Unsalted Cultured Food on The Body Ecology Diet

Oven Kit for Unsalted Cultured Food on The Body Ecology Diet✨

Tara Carpenter, NC.

Holistic nutrition for people on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.).

This tool allows you to easily select/maintain optimum temperatures for making unsalted cultured food affordably at home. When I started B.E.D. (The Body Ecology Diet) to heal a stubborn yeast infection the year was 2011. As is my nature, I dove into making milk kefir, cultured cream, young green coconut kefir, and unsalted cultured vegetables.

I felt relieved to find they are fairly easy to make. The main thing I was most challenged by was keeping them at a consistent temperature (68-72 degrees F) during the incubation period as my home fluctuated in too big of ways. I found the best spot at that home was in the downstairs bathroom and the upstairs one as long as I ran a heater here and there.

My family began to express frustration with the Mason jars lining the bathroom and I longed for more freedom to move about my day without being overly concerned about how the probiotic food was doing 🙂

If your home temperature fluctuates much, you are more at risk to lose an unsalted probiotic food made with kefir starter or culture starter. This is because if they become too warm then the friendly flora can breed too quickly. If they become too cold, the friendly flora can breed too slowly. The delicate balance of maintaining a warm environment (neutral on the wrist feel) is completed with this Oven Kit.

I’m ready to make cultured veggies. Pleeeeeeeeeeease send me a Kit! ~ L.K., Australia

Why this kit….

I used to culture unsalted, probiotic food in the bathroom with a space heater and thermometer; this worked okay, yet after a while my culturing food without salt pursuit grew and so did the demand for no more cultured food in the bathroom begin.

I next tried laying down a seed mat on the bottom of a cooler and placed my Mason jars of cultured food on top of this. Yet, still I found myself checking them night and day. Were they cold? hot?? I wanted more assurance to more completely let go knowing my food product is good and growing in a direction of health. Hopefully with bubbles rising and the alert tartness that is classically found in unsalted cultured food.

After losing more than a couple of batches of unsalted cultured vegetables because of large temperature changes in my home (and feeling like our home was becoming one big incubator 🙂 I asked my husband, a civil engineer by trade, to help create a product to easily manage a consistent temperature. This Oven Kit is our invention. 

Simply plug a regular light bulb (heat source) into digital temperature control device and set desired temperature. 

Nowadays, when I make probiotic food I know that I am going to get a good, finished product. I trust the temperatures are consistent and maintaining an environment for my food to thrive! I can breathe!! Hallelujah. I find this oven kit akin to wrapping a baby in a warm, cozy blanket; knowing your unsalted cultured food is safe and secure and comfortable from the outside elements ⭐ 

My oven kit makes my life easier! ~ K.M., Washington

How the Oven Kit Works

This Oven Kit transforms oven, cooler, or cardboard box into an incubator that lets you select and maintain desired temperature.

  1. Put oven kit into an insulated space (oven, cooler, box).
  2. Plug into electrical outlet.
  3. Put jars of probiotic food into chosen insulated space.
  4. Set gauge to desired temperature.
  5. Incandescent light bulb/heat source automatically turns on and stays on until desired temperature is reached. Once desired temperature is reached, the light bulb will turn off. If temperature drops below the desired temperature, then light turns back on

Note: If you live where temperatures exceed optimal temperature, then you can plug the digital temperature control device (part of Oven Kit) into any dorm-size fridge to cool. 


  • Select any temperature between 68-108°F.
  • Displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Automatic safety shut-off if probe temperature reaches 108˚F.
  • Can plug max of 1000 watts of heating devices into thermostat.
  • Uses normal wattage light bulb.
  • Peace of mind
Price: $86.00/USD (CONTACT Tara, for shipping cost)

Contact Tara to order Oven Kit.

Depending on component availability, shipping can take 1-2 weeks.

We love this invention! Cultured food is big on B.E.D and making them always drove us nuts! ~ M.C., CA.

Easy to use! My yogurt and kombucha comes out perfect every time. ~ T.G., Texas

DISCLAIMER: Happy Bellies is not liable for damage or injuries related to using this device. Use at own risk.

May all bellies be happy!

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