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Oven Kit to Make Probiotic-Rich Food ✨

This simple tool lets you select and maintain optimum temperatures for making probiotic food such as unsalted cultured vegetables, milk kefir, and young coconut puddingWhen I started on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D), I jumped into making unsalted probiotic food (i.e. yckcultured veggies) and discovered they were easy to make, but hard to keep warm during the incubation period.

Most probiotic food needs a steady 70°-72°F for a period to awaken beneficial microorganisms in the cultured starter. This is what gets them working magic. Yet, what if home temperature goes up and down the way mine does? I find if the temperature fluctuates too much, the food spoila; because it’s too warm and the friendly flora breed too quickly or it’s too cold and the friendly flora breed too slowly. 

What??! No salt? No. Read more HERE.

I’m ready to make cultured veggies. Pleeeeeeeeeeease send me a Kit! ~ LK, Australia

Old Way

I used to culture probiotic food in the bathroom with a space heater and thermometer. This worked pretty good but it was not an ideal situation for my family. I tried a seed mat on the bottom of a cooler with the jars on top. This worked, but I still checked them all the time to see if they were too cold or hot. After losing several batches to inconsistent temperatures (and feeling like my house was one big incubator) I asked my husband, an engineer, to create a product that’d make this business of culturing food easier. This ‘oven kit’ is our invention … you simply plug a regular light bulb (heat source) to the digital temperature control device and set your desired temperature. That’s it. This Oven Kit maintains a consistently warm or cool environment. This kit puts YOU are in charge.

New Way

These days, every single time I make unsalted probiotic food I get a good product. I put my jars in a cooler with Oven Kit and set gauge to desired temperature. Then, I walk away and carry on with rest of my responsibilities. I no longer check them all the time or worry about them. I know they’re at the right temperature. This is akin to wrapping a baby in a cozy blanket; knowing it’ll be comfortable from the outside elements ⭐ 

My oven kit makes my life easier! ~ KM, Washington

How It Works

Oven Kit transforms oven, cooler, or cardboard box into an incubator that lets you select and maintain desired temperature.

  1. Put oven kit into an insulated space (oven, cooler, box).
  2. Plug into electrical outlet.
  3. Put jars of probiotic food into your chosen insulated space.
  4. Set to desired temperature.
  5. Incandescent light bulb/heat source automatically turns on and stays on until desired temperature is reached. Once desired temperature is reached, the light bulb will turn off. If temperature drops below the desired temperature then the light will turn back on

Note: Live where temperatures exceed optimal temperature?? You can plug digital temperature control device (part of Oven Kit) into a dorm-size fridge to cool. 


  • Lets you select any temperature between 68-108°F.
  • Will display temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Has an automatic safety shut-off if the probe temperature reaches 108˚F.
  • You can plug a max of 1000 watts of heating devices into thermostat.
  • Uses a normal wattage light bulb.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Puts YOU in charge!

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Depending on component availability, shipping can take 1-2 weeks.

Easy to use! My yogurt and kombucha comes out perfect every time. ~ TG, Texas

We love your invention! Cultured food is a big part of B.E.D. and making them drove us nuts; we even woke in the night to check on them. Thank you for the peace of mind and sleep! ~ MC, CA

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DISCLAIMER: Happy Bellies is not liable for damage or injuries related to using this device. Use at own risk.

May all bellies be happy!

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