I Am Well

June 2013 - Scituate 087I recently returned from a trip to my sister’s home on the coast of MA. I drove 6 hours each way, and was away for 10 days. In all of those days and nights I did not have one belly-ache. Not even the slightest dull ache. In the past, the traveling alone would have been enough to put me under for days. This is a BIG deal for someone in my shoes! Since healing myself from systemic Candida almost 5 years ago, with The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D) I have had periodic bloating, flatulence, and stomach discomfort.


Light As A Bird

Yet, this trip astounded me with a feeling of lightness in my whole body that I experienced every single day of my trip! This was while caring for 5 children under the age of 11 and staying in my sister’s home with a dog. A dog! Most of my childhood/adulthood I was highly allergic to dogs. So much so that I took Sudafed or other anti-histamine before going to a home with a dog (or cat) to avoid my throat closing up and a trip to the ER. Yet, here I was with a dog jumping all over the place – and not affected in the least.

Taking A Break

Even more astonishing is that I went off my typical ‘gluten-sugar-yeast’ free diet here and there during this trip and FELT GREAT. A diet I have adhered to diligently on an otherwise regular basis for nearly 5 years. I have traveled in the past and yet never have partaken in food that would possibly set me back in my healing journey. Even with the most delicious foods in my face, I turned away to open my own cooler for food that was considered safe and healing for me. For anyone who has been on a Healing Diet, you know the sort of discipline and focus I am referring to here. A change in diet, and lifestyle, is a journey not to be taken lightly, and I was nothing short of serious in regaining my health.

French Fries, Ice Cream, & Martinis

On this particular trip I found myself consciously reaching for a handful of French fries, a scoop of ice cream, even sipped a chocolate martini while basking in the sun. My husband and I treated ourselves to lunch out without the kids – splitting a Fisherman’s Platter (fried seafood) served with mounds of Cole slaw and tartar sauce. Why did I eat such foods after years on a Healing Diet? Why, you ask? Because I quietly checked in with myself and it felt okay…Even right. This is not to say that I ate large portions, or went overboard in any way. Quite the opposite. I stayed within MY comfort zone and did my best to combine foods properly along with daily doses of cultured foods. Though I felt scared of the suffering I might endure after each little indulgence – I’d wait for that twinge in my lower back announcing the arrival of a nasty stomach ache – but, nothing! Rather, I slept deeply, felt like gold , woke in good spirits, and had a perfect bowel movement every single day!

Sickness Mentality

022 (2)Perhaps it was the fresh air, the salty ocean swims, or the restful night’s of sleep. Perhaps…Or maybe it is the fact that I am now stronger after so many years spent strengthening the weakest parts of myself. Being as sick as I have been for much of my life (i.e. chronic asthma, allergies, ADD, severe yeast overgrowth) I notice that I have taken on a “sick mentality”.  For many years I have told people, including myself, that “I am not well”, “I am weak”, “I can’t eat that”, “I can’t do that because I am sick”, and so on…

I Am Well!

Yet, here I am home from such a big trip with a glow to my cheeks, a sparkle in my eye, and a change in attitude. A desire to shout out to the world that “I am whole and healthy”, “I am strong”, and “I am well”! Even if just to hear it myself! This new-found discovery is a feeling of relief. I am relieved that I can venture into enjoying foods not on my current healing list (especially ones that used to send me into a health crisis – watery eyes, sneezing, tight breathing, mood changes, bloating) and still feel strong. All said, such foods will not become mainstays for me, perhaps ever. Yet, it is nice to know I can dip into such foods when the right occasion presents itself. It is a daily choice that I now make to eat well so that I can feel well AND tell the world that “I Am Well”!

Learn more about my own personal healing story HERE.

May All Bellies Be Happy!

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Tara, this is such GREAT NEWS!!! Congratulations to you for figuring out the causes of your initial poor health > adhering to the discipline of the B.E.D. > the benefits of a healthy body and mind. It is a gift that you realized you have crossed the bridge into health and can let go of the unhealthy mentality. Who would have thought that even possible?! Your whole being radiates health, well-being and joy. I am so very very happy for you! Turn to the next chapter of your book and let’s see what we will find. lol, Shirley

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