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Update for Vermont Placenta Encapsulation

Update for Vermont Placenta Encapsulation

Tara Carpenter, CPES.

Hormonal support for new mothers in Vermont, since 2011.

Note: I am on leave of absence until July 15th 2024. You may book online if your estimated due date is after this date. 

I will be taking a leave of absence from offering a placenta encapsulation service to new mothers in Vermont through to July 15th 2024. When I first started to offer this service there was only 1 other encapsulator in the state. Now there are several (list below). If you are unable to find one to service your area then email me at

Placenta Encapsulation in Vermont

Hannah Spark in Craftsbury, #802-227-2726.

Ashley with Monadnock Perinatal in Monadnock Region, #413-923-2323.

Meg with Nurtured Way in Southern Vermont, 30-mile radius of Marlboro.

New Earth Rising in South Burlington, #802-343-1999.

Sybille with Mountain Lake Midwifery in Newport, #508-325-2953.

Tara Carpenter with Happy Bellies Vermont Placenta Encapsulation

Note: I am not responsible for the ways in which the above listed Encapsulationists conduct themselves professionally, nor can I speak to the training they received or whether they offer an in-home, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) method like I do or rather a pick-up/drop-off, raw method. The one thing likely shared is a common passion and desire to help new mothers have a more smooth and harmonious postpartum experience.

Since 2011, I have encapsulated for close to 400 new mothers throughout Vermont and New Hampshire with a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method that is on file with the FDA. I have had the pleasure to witness this many women experience the benefits of consuming her placenta in capsule form. I have enjoyed everything about this hobby turned job; including being on-call to hear of baby’s arrival, moving my life around to be on that client’s doorstep within 72 hours, and most of all in making a difference in each new mother’s postpartum experience.

Family …. where life begins and love never ends.

Note: I am on leave of absence until July 15th 2024. You may book online if your estimated due date is after this date. 


Tara Carpenter, CPES.

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