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How I Make Raw Liver Pills

Wonder what the rave is about with these red pills? They’re a no-fuss, flavorless way to eat liver! Easy as taking a multi-vitamin; hardest part is just getting in the kitchen to make them. See here for how my family eats liver.

It’s very important to source pasture-raised liver for this recipe. Even better, raise the animal yourself or buy from local farmer who freezes the liver immediately after slaughtering.

Do NOT use conventional supermarket liver. You are consuming these raw, and conventional liver can’t be trusted and is a health risk.

Raw Liver Pills


100% grass-fed/pastured beef liver, partially thaw if frozen


  1. Thaw liver if frozen, but not completely or it will be hard to cut.
  2. Rinse liver and pat it dry with a paper towel.
  3. Cut liver into pea-sized chunks– about the size of a regular pill.
  4. Place pieces, separated, on a parchment-lined cookie sheet.
  5. Flash-Freeze for about 15 minutes, or until solid, so they don’t clump together.
  6. Transfer frozen liver pills into an airtight container and store in freezer.
  7. Swallow 2-4 frozen pills a day or however many you deem fit for your body.

Tips & Tricks

  • Further eliminate risk of parasites by freezing liver for 14 days before cutting into pills. If you trust your farmer you may not need to be concerned about freezing; especially if the liver is 100% grass-fed (not grain-fed).
  • If liver is fresh, put it in freezer until hardens up a bit to make the cutting process easier.
  • 2-4 liver ‘pills’ a day add up to 1/2 – 1 ounce per week, which equals 1 serving of beef liver per week (average of 2-3 oz of liver can be safely consumed per week by most source).
  • Do not make “pills” to big or you will gag them down.
  • Consume “liver pills” on a regular basis for best results.
  • Beef and bison liver delivers the most bang for your buck.

Don’t want to make liver pills? CLICK to purchase Radiant Life’s desiccated liver capsules; these are made from the livers of grass-fed cows and do not contain fillers. They are expensive, so if you prefer liver in a dried, capsule form then check out this site to make your own.

Where to Get Pastured Liver 

  1. Local Harvest – enter your zipcode and find local farmers.
  2. Weston A Price Foundation – get in touch with local chapter for pasture-raised liver.
  3. US Wellness Meats – trusted company with variety of pastured liver, inc. bison liver.

What about cooked liver? Cooked liver is great, but cooking destroys the enzymes in raw liver and leaves behind mainly the nutrients (with exception of delicate B vitamins). If you can’t source high quality liver to consume it in raw form, then cook liver with one of these recipes.

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Nutritional Consultations with Tara, NC.


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 May all bellies be happy!

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5 replies on “How I Make Raw Liver Pills”

What about chicken liver or pork liver? Different nutrient profile but still wonderful! Just make sure they are pastured and hormone free. I am right now about to make dessicated liver capsules. Will post a recipe for that soon, Tara

Hi! I am trying to heal nutrients defencieies and want to start raw liver. I tested blood positive to being allergic to beef. Do you think I should avoid beef liver? If so is there an alternative “liver pill” I dam consume? Thanks!

Yes, soaking liver in lemon juice, milk, buttermilk, sour milk, or vinegar sort of draws any impurities. It will also improve the taste of liver by tenderizing it and neutralizing its strong flavor/bitterness.

I source pasture-raised liver for making my raw liver capsules and desiccated liver capsules so I don’t find the need to soak due to impurities. I also don’t mind the flavor of liver when I take them as pills because I don’t taste anything when I swallow them…the beauty of taking liver in capsule form!! If I make a dish out of liver I do soak in one of the acids above.

Hello! I found your site while researching ways to prevent HG. I am blogging my journey and have linked to your articles, which I think are going to be invaluable to me. I have a question about preparing the liver. In Nourishing Traditions it is recommended to soak the livers in lemon juice before making pâté (my only liver experience), I’m wondering if, especially since these “pills” are raw, it would be a good idea to do that as well? Thank you!

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