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Four Dietary Changes Worth Making

Spinach Bisque with RadishesLife is busy, and making dietary changes is not always on the top of the list. Yet, too many of us are suffering on a daily basis from mild to severe health conditions, struggling with how to shift out of long-standing behaviors that may be contributing to our ills. It is hard to begin anything, let alone something as challenging as giving up life-long habits that may be dear to the heart! I have seen far too many people give up before they have even started. So, how to do it? How to keep up with life’s demands – while still giving yourself the attention necessary to maintain your good health?

Far too many people give up before they have even begun.

Over and over these past years I find myself recommending a handful of dietary changes to people about how to shift out of their existing poor health.  Many of them I find myself repeating over and over again and are the very ones that I believe can make the most difference in whether or not someone gets a good hand on their own health. They are changes that we can all benefit from!

Just take things step-by-step.

Worthwhile changes  take a certain amount of focus and energy on our part. Yet, habits can be broken over time and unhealthy ones are well worth our while to break.  Take each step in stride ,and like Nature, do things in stages. Get comfortable with each step before moving on to the next one. Step-by-step. No rush. You’ll be happy to see I saved the best for last!!

4 Effective Dietary Changes for Every Body

1) Replace bad fats with good fats;

2) Practice proper food combining;

3) Consume probiotic-rich cultured foods at every meal;

4) Eliminate all sugar – including honey, dried fruit, bananas, brown rice syrup, etc.


May All Bellies Be Happy!

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