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Candidiasis (a.k.a. yeast overgrowth)

Candida, also known as Candidiasis or yeast overgrowth, is not a germ, a bug, or a disease. It is a serious immune disorder that gets its name from Candida albicans; a family of yeast that are the most common micro-flora organisms that live in human digestive tract.

A healthy bowel contains a 10:1 bacteria to yeast ratio, with good yeast outnumbering the bad bacteria to maintain ecological balance. Certain factors can throw this balance off, including excess stress, sugar, birth control pill, vaccinations, and antibiotics. All of these allow otherwise harmless organisms to become more active, grow in #’s, and cause a range of health symptoms.

Here is a Candida quiz to see if yeast overgrowth is an issue.

Common Symptoms

These are some of the signs that your gut may be overpopulated with yeast.

Yeast overgrowth is not always localized in the gut, rather these organisms tend to travel and be systemic. This means that the once localized overgrowth of Candida albicans can grow roots and burrow into the gut lining where they can pass through into the bloodstream. Once in the blood these organisms can travel through the body and influence susceptible organs like the brain, heart, lungs, and bladder. 

Change your diet to overcome a yeast-connected problem.

Diet change is the single most effective way to rebuild strength and immunity from yeast overgrowth. Unless you get rid of the food that Candida albicans love and grow on, then they will win. They have the potential to to take over your gut and build colonies the size of NYC in a matter of minutes; even burrowing roots into the gut lining and going systemic into your blood where other organs can be affected and the immune system triggered.

If Candida albicans get through the gut lining and into the blood, they can wrap around internal organs; the most common ones that they gravitate to are the liver, heart, and lungs. If that happens, it becomes more difficult to reverse a condition, called systemic yeast overgrowth. Not impossible though. I know this, because I healed myself from this condition; took me 3 years to conquer the beast.

My story

I was diagnosed with systemic Candida in 2010 and was sick all the time with most of the above symptoms. I felt awful all the time and nearly gave up when a friend handed me a book called The Body Ecology Diet. That was my key to the life I have now. This book, this diet, helped me to find myself again and get me out of my pajamas; which was all I could wear because I was so bloated. Within a few weeks, I started to feel normal and have less discomfort.

Keep yourself in check

When Candida albicans overtake the good flora (probiotics) living in the gut than they can off gas harmful toxins that drain a human’s (their host) energy and leaves immune system susceptible to illness. True healing originates in your body being able to maintain itself the way that it is designed to do as a self-healing organism. A good place to start is to educate yourself on the inner ecosystem and consider what protocol you want to use to move forward. 

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