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Learning A New Language: Becoming a Mother

When you were born, and in those first few days, I studied you. I listened to you. Every sound you made. You had your own language and as your mother I learned it.

I remember how my ears would strain on the insides to so finely imprint you into the corners of my brain. You of course, my 7 pound baby, wanted nothing more than to be held and fed.

Each sound you made told me something; that you had gas or a burp or were uncomfortable. That you were scared or cold or hungry. Or with a wet diaper.

I think that once a person masters this language they forever hear it. True. I still hear you now. Your body gestures. The tilts in your voice tell me so much.

No matter where I am, I will always be listening.

Written by me, Tara, 14 years after my first child was born.

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