B.E.D. The Body Ecology Diet

Recipe: Young Green Coconut Kefir (fresh or bottled coconut water)

Recipe for Probiotic-Rich Young Green Coconut Kefir   This recipe for young green coconut kefir (yck) gives the option of using fresh or store-bought young coconut juice. Kefir means ‘feel good’ and how most feel drinking young coconut kefir …. this probiotic food contains raw Thai young green coconuts and high-quality kefir starter*. Mix these […]

Recipe The Body Ecology Diet

Unsalted, Cultured Vegetables: Beginner Recipe

Unsalted, Cultured Vegetables: Beginner Recipe Tara Carpenter, NC. Holistic nutrition for digestion; specialized in yeast overgrowth.  This is a good recipe to begin with if you are new to making unsalted, probiotic vegetables, also known as cultured veggies or cv’s. I have laid everything out in step-by-step fashion with only 3 ingredients … cabbage, carrots, […]

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