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Apple Cider Kefir: Probiotic-Rich Recipe

Originally published on August 28, 2019

In Vermont, we press apples into cider well into mid to late September; a fun activity for the kids to participate in the workload at home …. this year was especially abundant, so they pressed for a good 2 hours before coming in to the kitchen with many sticky gallons of fresh-pressed apple cider! I turned a few half-gallons into apple cider vinegar for the year ahead and froze a bunch to pull out for making Apple Cider Kefir.

This kefir is made simply with only apple cider and kefir starter*; a sweet ‘n sour concoction that fizzes like champagne and is pure effervescence! What I am most on about is that inside this beverage lives an abundance of potent probiotic strains that implant themselves into digestive canal of your body, from your mouth down they go to burrow in to the soft tissue lining and keep inflammation down and healing up. These friendly flora also act as a digestive aid to keep gut in good shape.

More benefits here.

If you are looking for an easy, affordable way to get your probiotic dose, this is a great recipe to make. Especially if you have gut issues (i.e., bloating, constipation, Candida, GBS+). 

A refreshing glass of juice kefir is a wonderful, healthy way to kick start the day and keep those healthy internal gut bugs in balance.

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