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Postpartum Infections for Mothers on Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.)

Postpartum Infections for Women on Body Ecology Diet

Nutritional support for people on Body Ecology Diet.

Tara Carpenter, NC.

Originally published on March 22, 2024.

Birth can invite a host of changes for the new mother; my sister here in the above photograph (my older one!) had her 3rd child and back to work full-time in 6 weeks. She breastfed on-demand and full on available hands-on kind of parent serving at the school, church, and in her neighborhood.

Most woman do all they can to bounce back as soon as possible after having a baby. Many of us are not used to sitting in one place or doing only one thing attentively, especially with older children who need us. Yet, our bodies must have stillness with the movement going on inside of us. For example, Women’s Health magazine states breastfeeding can burn 300 to 500 calories per day. This is 20 calories burned for every ounce of breast milk your body creates, according to Shape magazine1.

Breastfeeding is equivalent to walking a brisk pace for 2 hours or running 1 hour at a 6-mile per hour pace1.

My sister is fortunate to have help from our mother and younger sister, plus her husband and his family. She was well-supported in her time of vulnerability with warm food, help with baby and her other children, and was able to lay herself down as needed. She received nourishing care from inside out and far as I know avoided common postpartum infections that many women experience for the mere fact that this period of life after giving birth puts the female body in a vulnerable position for imbalances.

Support your sisters and women close to you giving birth!

Common infections during the postpartum period include yeast infections, especially if breast or sanitary pads are used; infected incisions if had episiotomy, caesarean, or took antibiotics during birth for say GBS+; puerperal infections (a.k.a. uterine infections) from bacteria entering uterus during labor; or urinary tract infections, particularly if a catheter was inserted in bladder or the mother had an epidural2.

Endometritis is an infection of the upper genital tract including the endometrium, myometrium, and surrounding tissue; most common during the postpartum period when vaginal bacteria can access the upper genital tract3.

I highly recommend Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) for women who would like to give birth, are imminent with an estimated due date, or in throes of a postpartum infection. I offer nutritional consulting for people of all ages, at all stages on ‘the body ecology” way of eating. B.E.D. is yeast, gluten, and sugar free and uses principles of food combining and colon cleansing to support the body to heal and balance.

To schedule a nutritional consultation or complimentary 15-minute call, please email Tara Carpenter, NC. at

The founder of B.E.D. (Donna Gates) also offers professional nutritional consulting with her team of nutritional coaches. Please know you are not alone in the healing of a postpartum infection. There is help and I know from personal experience how quickly the body can turn around when given the proper tools to heal and bring itself (a self-healing organism) back into balance from a yeast, bacteria, or viral infection.

If you are considering to become pregnant, are already pregnant or breastfeeding then you will need personalized support because during these times a woman’s body is in a state of heightened building and needs to have extra nutrients, fats, etc. to do the job.





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Disclaimer: Tara Carpenter, NC. is not a licensed medical practitioner nor offers a medical service. I work in partnership with you, and your medical provider(s), to provide a meal plan that is customized to meet your dietary and health needs. Please consult a qualified health professional(s) before changing your diet, especially in times of illness.

Nutritional Consultations with Tara for People on The Body Ecology Diet

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