Cranberry Smoothie: A Woman’s Recipe for B.E.D.

Cranberry Smoothie for The Body Ecology Diet

Tara Carpenter, NC.

Cranberries are acidic berries from evergreen shrubs native to North America. First harvested by Native Americans and later Europeans, this vibrant red berry is touted a superfood due to an abundant nutrient and antioxidant properties. Cranberries are especially beneficial to women who are susceptible to urinary tract infections, vaginal yeast infections, breast cancer, hypothyroid, and weight gain.

The medicinal hero in cranberries is an antioxidant called, proanthocyanin. which prevent certain bacteria from adhering to cells of the vagina/urinary tract and causing infection. Cranberries flush out excess yeast and make urine more acidic, which creates an unfriendly environment for pathogens.

This recipe is perfect while practicing The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.)

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My Happy Boy

In My Kitchen: My Happy Boy

Serving customized cooking, consulting, and meal planning.

I love this picture showing my youngest boy’s inside joy and enjoyment of life! Hard to believe once upon a time not so long ago, he had a painful and bloated belly, face full of rashes, runny nose, and seizures on a regular basis since he was one week old.

Look at him now!! Glowing, apple of my eye, truly xox


What is Macrobiotics?

“Macrobiotic eating is a beautifully balanced symphony of unprocessed, seasonal foods, prepared in a manner appropriate to your condition and lifestyle, period.” – Christina Pirello

Macrobiotics is simply about living more naturally and in harmony with everything around us. It is the art of understanding the profound effects food and drink have our health and well-being, and using them wisely to create balance within ourselves and our world. When we live in opposition to nature, rather than in harmony with it, we are more likely to develop a variety of physical, emotional, and mental


A Winter’s Solstice

Every year at the time of the winter solstice, I have felt a strong pull to anchor in, get quiet, be present and state a personal intention.  The rest of the year alway feels shaped by this moment in time.  In my own small way it is a chance for me to plant my own seed for change and be willing to accept, with grace, the changes and growth that will come!


This year, on the day of the winter solstice, I took the time throughout my day to feel out an intention.  At 6:38pm I found myself sitting in an audience of parents, watching my son’s Waldorf school singing their hearts out.  It was beautiful.  The singing, the festive mood in the air, the snow falling gently outside all wrapped into one as I pulled in deeply to my own self, re-aligned with Nature and interconnected to a larger whole.

The shift was subtle when it came, oh so quiet, all senses alert.

With a whisper I said aloud my intention:

“May I find Clarity, Order and Deep-Fulfillment in this dark time of the year when my passion shines bright”.

At no other time in my life have I felt such a desire to  bring outwards what is held so dear and pure in my heart.  A culmination of years and years of healing, self-exploration, learning, acceptance, and gaining a wide enough knowledge base to feel a sense of readiness to share with the community and the world at large about what I have learned.  I am nearly there and the excitement is building within!  Hours spill by as I pour out my hopes, dreams, mission and goals into this great iron cooking pot that rests in front of me.  Spoon in hand, I sit as the water begins to simmer and aromas build.  A time of condensation.  All excesses or what no longer needed evaporates to leave behind something wholesome, tangible and simple.

Still there is time to sit still.  The inspiration comes in its own time and an ingredient or two is added to the pot…at times only a pinch of something small, yet subtly it is there.


I wait again.  This soup.  My life-work blending into one harmonious concoction.  My offering to the community.  There are no rules here, no recipe already made to follow-along.  This is fresh and new.  There is no rush here.  So often true for such matters of the heart, yes?  It is okay for this time to be still.  This is work in and of itself.  This is good.  A time to just wait.  Listening for what comes next.  The words are all there and now the steps to lay it all out, in forms, brochures and now this online site.  Coming together bit by bit.

As though a door to my heart is being opened for all the world to see.

This new business named Happy Bellies is being born from inside of me.

Thank you for reading, listening and simply being.

Happy Solstice!

“The measure of your success or defeat in life depends on the clarity of your understanding

of the fact that you are but a part of the larger self.

 Herman Aihara


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