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Lazy Guy’s Mayo

Lazy Guy’s Mayo for People on The Body Ecology Diet

Tara Carpenter, NC.

Nutritional support for people on Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.).

Originally published on September 1, 2020.

My husband’s take on mayonnaise is far better than my own so I let him name this recipe. Before he walked in our life, I made various versions of mayo with little to no success with them being too runny or too bland. In the kitchen he came to blend the perfect concoction, see below.

As a family of 4, we go through about a jar of this each week; whether slathered on toasted amaranth tortillas or meat. Our youngest dollops fresh mayo on everything in the fridge while I use more minimally, mainly in deviled eggs. My oldest loves his with tuna fish and my husband veers towards a spoonful in his sardine-pickle salad.

If you like artichokes, mix mayo and pesto for a sauce to bathe your heart in! Or toss with steamed cabbage for an easy to digest slaw. Don’t eat egg? Try almond mayo

The best recipes in life are often those passed down from generation to generation and served with countless memories around the dining room table.

Lazy Guy Mayo


2 eggs, pasture-raised

2 Tbsp. mustard (we like Eden Foods)

1/2 tsp. sea salt

1 to 1 1/2 cups olive oil


  1. Put eggs, mustard, and sea salt into the blender and blend together.
  2. Slowly increase speed while add oil in drizzle fashion ~ nice ‘n slow.
  3. Increase speed to high, wait for ingredients to be thick ‘n creamy.
  4. Done when hole forms in middle and things no longer move about. 

Tips & tricks

  • I use a VitaMix. Adjust speed if use a different blender, alternatively ‘wand blenders’ work with a Mason jar. Clean up is easier too 😉 
  • Substitute other oils if you don’t tolerate or like olive oil. Avocado oil doesn’t work well. Flax oil works but expensive.
  • Parsley mayo: add a handful of parsley and watch a beautiful green color light up your senses!
  • A trick I learned from Sally Fallon … add a tablespoon of whey and leave covered jar of mayo at room temperature for 7 hours before refrigerating to boost nutrients, add valuable enzymes that aid fat digestion, and keep mayo fresh for several months. Without whey, this mayo keeps about 2 weeks in fridge.
  • Make gravy with 2 Tbsp. mayo added to 1 cup of meat stock, heat gently for couple minutes, stirring constantly.
  • This is a safe, delicious recipe for stage 1 of Body Ecology Diet.


1 Fallon, S. (2001). Nourishing Traditions. Washington, DC: New Trends Publishing, Inc.

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