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Travel Tips for The Body Ecology Diet

sleeping on car tripsTraveling – whether by car, plane or train – can mess with our digestive system. Not only are we in a flurry of organizing and packing for our trip, but then we sit for long periods of time as we’re whisked away at unnatural speeds!

The last thing on your body’s mind as it is pummeling down the highway, or flying on an airplane, is “what’s for lunch?”. Yet, we’re only human and we do get hungry.


Traveling at fast speeds whacks out the digestive system. Puts it into the “fight or flight” mode is what moving so fast like this does. Our core energy goes to our arms/legs to get us moving. Danger, danger! Yet, our body isn’t actually moving, nor are we in any real danger. So, our body gets confused and this slows digestion.

If you already struggle with digestive issues, traveling can make things worse. Which stinks – literally! As if constipation, bloating, and gas aren’t bad enough :poop: 

What to eat

Choose easy-to-digest food when you travel. If it’s summer and 90 degrees, pack light ‘n cooling foods that don’t require cooking. I like to travel in the early part of day. I load the kids in the car at dawn and typically a couple hours into trip when before we’re ready to eat.

Travel Tips 

1) Wait until you stop driving/flying to eat. Or, take a break from the constant hum of the car or train and find a nice spot to eat (i.e. State Parks, rest spot, playground).

2) Before you eat, move to get your blood circulating and to get grounded. There’s something about having our feet touch earth. Try bouncing on your heels, doing 10 jumping jacks, or take a brisk walk to wake your body up.

3) Take digestive enzymes or betaine HCl with pepsin to keep your digestion strong.

4) Bring an enema kit to keep your bowels moving, relieve tension, and to stay energized.

5) Pack lots of snacks, especially if you have kids!

6) Drink lots of water, preferably with apple cider vinegar or lemon to hydrate you even more. 

7) Get calm in your body, whatever that means to you…Mindful eating is a way to connect with the nervous system that lives in your guts and this means that a calmer nervous system = a calmer digestive system.

Thanks Tara, I’d never be this healthy on the road if it weren’t for you! ~ M.V. (touring musician)

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May all bellies be happy!

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So much good information from you, Tara, and you too, Mari. I never knew the bit about the body’s reaction to travel. Will have to pay more attention to the body over mind. What is your source for the baked blue corn chips? I haven’t been able to find any in my store that don’t have canola or another of the “forbidden” oils. And (1) deli meats are really okay? (2) why not eat the egg whites? Thank you for leading the way, both of you.

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