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ASEA: A Placenta Perspective

ASEA: A Placenta Perspective

Tara Carpenter, CPES.

Hormonal support for new mother’s in Vermont, since 2011.

Me with PlacentaAs a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist I am in touch with a lot of placentas! Recently, I had one impressive enough to write about …. this placenta was different with a weight of solid gold in my hands and iron-rich vitality. So healthy! The umbilical cord was smooth and color of ivory (often they are red/purple with clots ‘n knots)and double the normal width with a strong yet flexible elasticity.

The tissue was dark red with none of the calcification I typically find. Once steamed, this placenta sliced like butter and the ‘filet mignon’ if you will of all the placentas I had encapsulated thus far. When I dried the strips, I used 4 dehydrator trays (normally use 2). This new mom received a total of 150 capsules (110 is norm) plus a bottle of tincture and cup-to-go of tea.

What did this mom eat?!

Knowing nothing about this mom’s diet during her pregnancy, I took a guess she had eaten an all organic, nutrient-dense diet. After inquiring, I discovered in fact the opposite was true. She had eaten whatever she pleased – and craved – junk food, candy and all.

The one thing this mom had done differently during her pregnancy was take ASEA. I have since learned about ASEA – and after witnessing first-hand the depth of its power in this mom’s body – I am an advocate of this product during the childbearing years. If I’d known about this product during my own pregnancies, I’d have used in hopes of preventing the fatigue, group B strep, and yeast infections. Cheers to ASEA and the moms lucky enough to know about this health-giving supplement.

Note: I am not an affiliate for ASEA. 

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4 replies on “ASEA: A Placenta Perspective”

fantastic! I love ASEA it keeps us healthy and if I were to have another baby I woudl most definitely drink the supplement whilst pregnant and beyond. I love it.

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