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10 Tips to Detox Liver

10 Tips to Naturally Detox Your Liver Tara Carpenter, NC. Holistic nutrition for yeast, bacterial, and viral overgrowth-related health conditions with The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) Every spring, the liver moves into a major detoxification phase. During this brief season, the power of nature is behind you; making spring a PERFECT time to cleanse. Any […]

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Spring Cooking in Vermont

Where I live in the valley of Vermont, spring is a combination of muddy roads and loads of snow melting into the rivers from the mountains above. Cooking takes on a whole new feel when spring rolls around. All I want to do is be outside and when I do venture in the kitchen, I […]

The Essentials

Cooking with the Seasons

Seasonal cooking is a way of attuning our internal environment with the environment outside of the body.  By choosing seasonal foods that are primarily organic, locally grown and unrefined we are eating and living more in harmony with Nature.  When we select, prepare and eat foods with the seasons in mind, our bodies can heal more

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