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Digestive Enzymes: Goodbye Bloating!

assist-digestive-enzymes-imageI don’t struggle so much anymore with digestive issues (i.e. gas, constipation, brain fog) but I did a few years ago when I had a yeast overgrowth issue (systemic candida). After years of cleansing with Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) and making big lifestyle and diet changes I feel a lot better now.

One thing I did during that time was to take digestive enzymes with all of my meals. I tried a few brands and Assist was by far the best and most quick-acting. They got me through the thick of my digestive issues while I implemented diet changes to get a handle on the yeast overgrowth in my gut.

Assist helped me to fit into my clothes and feel halfway normal. They were a lifesaver because some days I looked pregnant from the bloating and it was uncomfortable to wear anything but pajamas or yoga pants. 

assist-fs-infoIf you get bloated, you know that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach and lower back. That soon your stomach will distend and feel awful. That’s when enzymes can help a ton.

I think these capsules are the most effective, plant-based enzymes to help digest food and absorb the nutrients. Now, if I feel bloating coming on I take Assist and within a half hour I feel much better. I keep them in my purse so I always have them on hand.

You can buy Assist enzymes HERE


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