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Tips & Tricks to Make Traditional Milk Kefir

Tips & Tricks for Traditional Milk Kefir I have made kefir for years and learned a lot since I first started in 2011!! Here are my tips and tricks to help you move through your own learning curve that much easier 🙂 See milk kefir recipe here. #1) I recommend making kefir with Body Ecology […]

Recipe The Body Ecology Diet

Milk Kefir Recipe for The Body Ecology Diet

Milk Kefir Recipe for The Body Ecology Diet Tara Carpenter, NC. Originally published on October 12, 2018. This traditional form of milk kefir has 2 ingredients; milk and starter, straight up, simple stuff. I was introduced to kefir on Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D) to heal my systemic yeast overgrowth. This kefir reduced my cravings, cleared […]

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Hemp Milk Kefir

Hemp Milk Kefir Tara Carpenter, NC. Nutritional support for people healing on The Body Ecology Diet. Written on April 27, 2016 Hemp milk kefir has a life of its own and needs more attention then say whole milk kefir. You will not be able to make this one before going on vacation and push to […]

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