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Tips & Tricks to Make Traditional Milk Kefir

Tips & Tricks for Traditional Milk Kefir

I have made kefir for years and learned a lot since I first started in 2011!! Here are my tips and tricks to help you move through your own learning curve that much easier 🙂

See milk kefir recipe here.

#1) I recommend making kefir with Body Ecology starter packets as they contain potent strains of lactobacillus bacteria and beneficial yeast that are hardy and easily travel into your intestines to work their probiotic magic ✨ These probiotics rid of any pathogenic overgrowth in the gut and strengthen digestion. Unlike most probiotics, the ones in this starter aren’t easily destroyed by antibiotics, fluoride, stomach acid, or chlorine. Worth every cent! And much cheaper than any probiotic supplement in the store and more effective on a holistic level.

#2) Use unprocessed milk from pastured cows. I source ours from a certified farmer down the road. This kind of milk contains live enzymes and probiotics. Its physical and biochemical structure hasn’t been messed with. If I can’t get any of that, then I use organic, gently-pasteurized whole milk. I avoid highly pasteurized, homogenized dairy which is a foreign substance to our body (dead, acidic, mucous forming). If this is all you can find, use it. During the kefiring process, the good flora from the kefir packet will put life back into the milk.

#3) You can use the milk kefir recipe here to also make goat milk kefir, juice kefir, or hemp milk kefir. Just use 2 cups of “milk” instead and a starter packet for the initial batch. After that make as much as you want depending on how much liquid is transferred from previous batch.

#4) Milk kefir will continue to ferment (digest) in the fridge, but at a much slower pace. I make a huge batch at once and keep the jars in the back of fridge. They keep just fine for weeks.

#5) Kiss your husband if he has a milk mustache?

Traditional Milk Kefir

Hemp Milk Kefir

B.E.D. Nutritional Support

May all bellies be happy!

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