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Raw Chocolate Recipe

I can go years without eating sugar, but not chocolate. Being a girl on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.), I like my chocolate sugar-free and raw. I find it hard to source this kind of quality and when I do it costs more than I want to spend. So, I got in the kitchen and tailored a recipe to suit my love for good chocolate; these nuggets have all the benefits of raw cocoa beans without the sugar.

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Raw Chocolate Recipe for The Body Ecology Diet

Holistic nutrition for digestion; specialized in yeast overgrowth. 

Tara Carpenter, NC.

Originally published on December 8, 2017.

I love chocolate that is sugar-free, raw, and preferably in shape of piggies! All of which is hard to find at a cost I am willing to pay, so instead, I got in my kitchen to create a recipe with the benefits of raw cocoa without a sweetener that impacts our blood sugar; important for those healing a yeast, bacterial, or viral infection on Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.).

To sweeten, I used stevia and BE Sweet; both of which are natural sweeteners that do not feed harmful yeast, bacteria, or viruses living in the body. Making this chocolate a perfect treat to enjoy occasionally if you are diabetic, have blood sugar imbalance, or healing yeast/bacteria/or viral overgrowth as these sugars do not influence blood sugar or insulin release.

Tara’s Raw Chocolate Recipe 

Makes: 6-12 chocolates, depending on type of mold used.


6 Tbsp virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil and/or raw cocoa butter

4 Tbsp raw, organic cocoa powder

7-10 drops NuNatural vanilla stevia* or BE Sweet or 1-2 Tbsp BE Sweet granulated sweetner ground into fine powder using a coffee grinder 

1 Tsp almond or vanilla extract, glycerin-based

1 pinch sea salt (optional)


  • Bring a pot of water to simmer. Place another pot or bowl inside the first one to create a double-boiler method to keep temperature below 115 degrees F and cocoa and coconut oil in a raw state.
  • Add coconut oil to the inside bowl and allow to melt.
  • Whisk in cacao powder and stir, stir, stir until lump free.
  • Whisk in sweetener, almond extract, and salt if using.
  • Pour into candy molds or tiny muffin tins – I use piggie mold 
  • Fridge, or freeze, until solid.
  • Store in freezer, so they don’t get soft or melt.

Tips & Tricks

  • Chocolate is an oil-based vegetable fat and why to never mix chocolate with water or will clump up in an unappetizing way.
  • Start with 7 drops of stevia, add more by the drop if want sweeter.
  • I blend raw cocoa butter with coconut oil; 3 tablespoons of each.
  • Go minty with 3 drops mint essential oil, add more stevia, and eliminate almond extract.
  • If tolerated, then add 2-4 Tbsp coconut milk for creamier chocolate.
  • Make chocolate bark! Spread melted mixture on parchment paper.
  • I like this mold and mini baking cups – kids love the fun patterns.
  • Add minced unsweetened dried cranberries or almonds.
  • A perfect treat for anyone on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.).
  • A fun stocking stuffer, I pop a couple in tiny cellophane bags and tie with colorful ribbon or package in little boxes for birthday gifts.

*Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar, so use less. Start with 7 drops and sweeten to taste. The more you add, the less bitter your chocolate will be.

sampling 3 recipes = happy husband


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May all bellies be happy!

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3 replies on “Raw Chocolate Recipe”

Hi Tara. I’m sorry, there is no link for the recipe you are mentioning. Am I missing something?

I have not made white chocolate before, yet here is a recipe that I think is healthy/balanced enough to give a go! I would use lakanto or another version of sugar that has been ground up into a powder in a coffee grinder or blender….have fun 🙂

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