Rooster Stock Recipe

Rooster Stock Recipe Tara Carpenter, NC. Holistic nutrition for digestion; specialized in yeast overgrowth.  Originally published September 19, 2019. Rooster stock, like any meat stock, is mineral-rich to strengthen immunity and support digestion. Stock also contains collagen to strengthen and keep tendons, joints, ligaments, bone, hair, and skin supple. The collagen in stock can heal […]

The Body Ecology Diet

Meet Nama Shoyu: Traditional Soy Sauce

Nama Shoyu is a traditional soy sauce that is unpasteurized; nama means “raw” and shoyu means “soy”. This soy sauce is made by fermenting non-GMO soybeans with a probiotic fungi called Aspergillus oryzae plus the addition of water, wheat, and sea salt. This mixture is left to ferment in cedar kegs for 6 to 8 months; […]

B.E.D. Recipe The Body Ecology Diet

Creme Fraiche: In My Kitchen (a recipe)

Creme Fraiche: In My Kitchen (a recipe) Tara Carpenter, NC. Holistic nutrition for stronger digestion; especially yeast overgrowth related health issues. Originally published on June 7, 2017 Cultured cream is a fancy name for sour cream, a.k.a. crème fraiche and simple to make …. all you need is a jar, cream, and starter* to break […]

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