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Ben’s Breakfast on The Body Ecology Diet

Ben’s Breakfast on The Body Ecology Diet

Tara Carpenter, NC.

Holistic nutrition for healing digestion and yeast/bacterial/viral overgrowth-related health conditions with The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.).

Originally published on January 29, 2013

Ben's Breakfast!

My son woke Saturday morning and asked if he could prepare breakfast; with the weekend here and our typical daily grind come to a halt, I happily accepted his offer from the comfort of my warm bed ๐Ÿ™‚

When I first started on The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) in 2010 to heal a stubborn case of yeast overgrowth I was pleased to find both my boys, ages 3 and 8, following along in suit. As a Holisitic Nutritionist, my kids have always been immersed in the world of natural healing using food as our medicine when possible. They watch and help me to culture butter, do a colonic, crack open Thai baby coconuts for yck, and various other kitchen (and bathroom!) tasks. 

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This particular Saturday, I busied myself with chopping vegetables for a supper casserole, while quietly watching my older son, Ben, as he moved about the kitchen with grace and ease; speaking out loud, yet to himself, as he pulled out an assortment of dishes and food from the refrigerator.

Other then asking for my help turning on gas burners, he did everything himself. He decided on the menu, cleaned all the pots he needed, and cut a head of cabbage with my Japanese cleaver. At one point I asked

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Thumbs Up: Keeping Kids Cavity-Free

Tara Carpenter, NC.

Originally published on April 23, 2019.

This is a hot topic for parents, for all of us really as who wants to be told they have a cavity while in the dentist chair?! Getting a cavity is never fun, no matter how old you are.

I have two kids; my youngest is 15 and has no cavities. My oldest is 21 and had a tiny one when he was 6. Thankfully, it was on a baby tooth and because my son had a fear of needles, we pulled the tooth instead of filling as he was going to lose that tooth naturally shortly.

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Parsley Power: Green Smoothie Recipe

Green Smoothie Recipe: Parsley Power

Tara Carpenter, NC.

Holistic nutritional for people of all ages using The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.) to heal yeast, bacterial, & viral infections.

Traditionally, parsley is used as a remedy for anemia, bad breath, menstrual pain, and more; enjoy all the benefits in one glass ๐Ÿ™‚ I will go so far to say that within a week of drinking this green smoothie, you may be hooked! The blend works and tastes great. I was surprised myself.

You do not like them. So, you say.
Try them! Try them! And you may.
Try them and you may, I say. ~ Dr. Seuss


Parsley is an herb rich in A + K vitamins, folate, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, antioxidants, and essential oil. Some health benefits include cancer inhibitor, liver detoxifier, anti-inflammatory, immune booster, bone builder, and gallstone dissolver (contains oxalic acid/kidney cleanser).   

Allergen Friendly kids

Keeping Kids “Sugar-Free” at School

Up until my oldest started kindergarten, he had limited exposure to refined sugar. We were an organic, homemade kind of family that consciously avoided sugar, artificial colors, gluten, and pasteurized dairy.

Most of our friends ate how we did and if we went somewhere serving food we couldn’t eat, I checked beforehand to see what we could bring. No matter what food we ate, or didn’t eat, I think its important to feel included; especially for kids.

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Cultured Strawberry Ice Cream: Probiotic-Rich!!

Cultured Strawbery Ice Cream: Probiotic-Rich!! (B.E.D. Friendly, stage 2)

Tara Carpenter, NC.

Holistic nutritionย for people of all ages healing a yeast, bacterial, or viral infection with The Body Ecology Diet (B.E.D.).

One hot summer morning, I woke to see out our window several red strawberries in our garden. My immediate thought was “strawberry ice cream for breakfast!” The kids loved the idea (of course…) and responded with joyful glee, a splattering of kisses on my cheek, and spins of delight ๐Ÿ™‚

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